Horse-drawn sleigh ride - EVOLUTION 2


Confortablement installés dans le traîneau, profitez d'un moment de douceur avec nos 2 Comtois, Idalgo & Golda.
Vous vous baladez sur le plateau de Tignes le lac et contemplez la montagne.
Une boisson chaude vous tient au chaud, laissez vous tenter !
And what about the horse?
Golda, a Comtois breed, spends the winter at the Lavachet stable in the company of a pony.
Only one horse pulls the sleigh, so they alternate depending on their mood and fitness!
They're sociable animals, and two is better than one, so they never spend too much time on their own.
Emy pampers them, so you can come and see them during the day, between the stable and the outdoor park, as they please.
Daytime duration: 20-minute walk + 10-minute welcome - end of walk
Duration by night: 30-minute ride + 10-minute welcome - end of ride
Daytime price per person (1 child under 3 free): 36€/person 
Nocturne 1 to 2 people (+ 1 child under 3) - 30min ride: 120€/sled 
Nocturne 3 to 4 people (+ 1 child - 3 years) - 30min ride: 180€/sled
Children aged 3 months and over are welcome.
Pregnant women are welcome.
The activity is free for children up to 2 years old.
Bring warm ski clothing with snow boots, hat and gloves.

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